Sustainable Design and Master Planning

Through their work with Housing Associations Allies Associates are already working to the Code for Sustainable Homes which will be come mandatory for all housing in the near future and will mark a revolution in the approach Developers must take to all aspects of the development process. Tony Allies as a member of the Energy Resources Group when he studied for his Second Degree at Portsmouth School of Architecture was actively involved in the development of design for sustainability. His Major Thesis ‘Heat Pumps and Solar Energy’ identified synergies in sustainable technologies which are only now being adopted.

True sustainability involves every aspect of proposals from location and transport to the ways buildings can be adapted as uses change. Tony Allies has been a pioneer in this field, his work including, designing zero energy homes in rural Ireland before the term had been widely adopted, designing sustainable proposals in his University projects and including financially viable, sustainable features in developments in which he is involved including solar water heating, centralised low energy heating for apartment developments and passive solar space heating. His detailed investigation of car sharing for retirement homes carried out in 2006 demonstrated this was not viable at this time unless attached to a current car share scheme in the locality. At Gunwharf Quays, car sharing was adopted in association with key worker homes.

Identifying the appropriate technology for a particular proposal is important. Often multiple technologies do not produce cost effective advantages over simple technologies designed for the particular project. Passive solar space heating, low temperature solar collection or heat pumps with appropriate distribution systems can be more effective than high cost or multiple technologies. Allies Associates can guide clients to appropriate and cost effective solutions.