Planning and appeals

The planning system is the least predictable part of the development process and the Appeal system is often the only opportunity for a fair hearing for development proposals. In the Plan led system of the United Kingdom a rigorous approach to site analysis before development proposals are prepared is essential. Allies Associates are constantly thinking about the Appeal process from their first engagement in a development project. This ensures that if their proposals are unsuccessful on first application the design, supporting documentation and carefully prepared arguments are all in place to provide the maximum potential for success at Appeal.

If this rigorous approach is not followed the prospects for development of a site can be severely reduced. Poorly prepared proposals may produce a dismissal at Appeal which can effectively rule out future development potential. The grant of planning permission for poorly prepared proposals which do not maximise site potential can create a precedent for the site which then prevents Planning Permission being granted other forms of development which would otherwise have been acceptable.

Allies Associates prefer to be appointed at the earliest stage to maximise the potential for success of a project but are also expert at intervention at later stages in the Planning process to reduce and if possible remove the barriers to success that have arisen during a Planning application. Associates include experts in Planning, Appeals and Affordable Housing they work with top Planning Barristers and a carefully selected team of specialist consultants in the fields of Archaeology, Arboriculture, Landscape Design, Sound, Air Pollution, Site Contamination and Public Relations.

Clients include...

Local Authorities: where Allies Associates consider development proposals to be inappropriate they will act as expert witnesses.

Developers: preferably where proposals have been prepared by Allies Associates but often where the Architects do not have the appropriate experience or expertise to present their proposals in the highly charged appeal hearing environment.

Private individuals and groups: where Allies Associates can ensure their application receives proper consideration or their valid objection to development has maximum impact.

In his work at Gunwharf Quays for The Berkeley Group, Tony Allies managed the application process on multiple Planning applications for residential and mixed use proposals all of which were granted without going to appeal. He then managed the Planning condition discharge process for the whole of the Gunwharf Quays Development resolving all outstanding Planning issues to an agreed timescale in preparation for the successful sale of the Development to Land Securities.

In his work for a National Retirement Home Developer where in 2007 Tony Allies won approval either on application or at appeal for 6 Major Urban Developments. One Appeal on a Major Landmark site, was fiercely challenged by the Local Authority and local pressure groups but at Appeal was unreservedly praised by the Government Planning Inspector and development allowed.

Allies Associates can provide Design and Planning services for projects ranging from  residential developments to the Master Planning of new settlements.

Tony Allies expertise in designing schemes for success on Planning application or at Appeal is widely recognised together with his particular ability in appearing as an expert witness at Appeal hearings.